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Who we are?


Proiezioni Mentali was born as a film information site in 2004 and over time became a hybrid site that combines the commitment in journalism with the sale of themed objects. Following various vicissitudes (see life and bills) today only the shop remains in operation, although the projects related to the return to the previous version have never been abandoned.

If there could have been a doubt about the redundant presence of rainbows in the graphic setting, yes this is an openly Queer site where one escapes prejudice and judgement, where there are no articles for him and her, but only objects of dubious taste and not for humans. Mental Projections is inclusive and politically correct, which doesn't mean we won't send you to hell (or worse) if we deem it necessary. If you are bigots, fascists, you hide behind MAs and you don't know how to respect human life, other people's choices or you think that being empathic is feel-good, you are invited to go and buy elsewhere.

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